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Webinar. News and Broadcast Workflows with eMAM and Octopus. Feb 16 10 AM or 8 PM EST Register

Webinar. Editing and Management of Live Streaming with Scale Logic, Telestream, Adobe, and Katapy. Feb 22 11AM EST.Register or 9PM EST Register

Webinar. Collaborative editing with Adobe Premiere. March 15 10AM EST or 9PM EST.Register


NAB 2017. April 24-27. Booth SL14509. Las Vegas Convention Center. Las Vegas, Nevada

Broadcast Asia. May 23-25. Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. Singapore

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Thank you for your interest in our eMAM system.

We are happy to give you access to a limited cloud based system to understand the functionalities of the eMAM system. Please realize that eMAM can work on your local hardware, in the cloud, or a combination of locations. Due to possible bandwidth limitations many features of the system, including automation and archive management, may not be effectively tested from a cloud system.

eMAM has many possible uses for different organizations. So we can properly configure your system and provide you appropriate information, we will need to get some information about your needs.

Please explain your needs for a MAM system
What are some of your expectations?

Do you have specific criteria for evaluating the system? If so, please specify

eMAM Demo System Limitations:

Available Storage - Limited to 5-10 GB’s for TRIAL ACCOUNTS.
File types – Video, Audio, Images, Word Documents & PDF files
eSend email contacts – Limit to 5 contacts for TRIAL ACCOUNTS.

Work in progress (if you only will use MAM for finished content, then skip section):

How do you currently tag and log content?
What system(s) do you use for video editing?
Do you intend to use the MAM for collaboration between editors and non-editors?
Do you intend to use the MAM for review and approval?

Finished content:

Do you intend to use the MAM for the following (check all that apply)
Central storage management Archive management
Distributing proxies for screeners Social media sharing
Building/powering portals or websites Workflow automation
Distributing native/hi-resolution content    
General info:
Please list names and email address of any other users you want to access the system:
What metadata field(s) would help you organize your content? (e.g., shoot location, season, episode, etc..
Would you require user training?
Technical training?