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Webinar. Announcing eMAM Cloud: now in the AWS Marketplace. Wed Oct 2, 2019 11:00 AM EDT Register

Trade shows

SET. August 27-29. Sao Paulo

Hyderabad Roadshow. Beyond Archive with DAC. August 30.

IBC. Sept 13-17. Amsterdam. 7D.27

BI. October 17-20. Mumbai. D.401

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eMAM 5.1 Enterprise level workflow engine to manage and distribute content

Live Capture, Log and Edit:

Multichannel capture, log and edit live feeds.

Cloud Based Editing:

Manage and edit high resolution content in the cloud.…

Adobe Panel Additions:

eMAM panel support for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and more…

Advanced AI Integrations:

AI partners Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft generate facial recognition from video and photos, speech-to-text, annotations and sentiment metadata adding value to media

Cloud Storage Management:

Additional Cloud based Archive storage integrations with Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and more…

Enriched API and Workflow Capabilities:

Advanced RESTFul API commands increasing opportunities for 3rd party vendor integrations with eMAM platform

Enterprise Level Director UI:

Visual enhancements to eMAM Director Interface for improved management of media

eMAM 5.1 Highlights

Live Capture, Log, Edit and Deliver:

Cloud and on-premise systems can capture live feeds, log, edit and deliver media during the capture process. Manage and edit live content from corporate to sporting events for immediate distribution of highlights to social media and VOD channels.

Adobe Cloud Editing:

Remote Editors can produce and deliver content from anywhere. Using Cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure, high resolution media can be managed and editing from any remote site.

Enhanced User Interface:

Visual enhancements provide an eye-pleasing platform to manage media

AI Integration:

Additional AI partners like Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft have been added to the Transcript and Insight Widgets to further increase the value of media

Cloud Integration:

Cost effective cloud storage expands the reach of media to new levels. Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle offer platforms to store, manage and access media from anywhere.

Integration with Enterprise level applications:

With enhancements to the API, eMAM now adds DellEMC, Dell Boomi, Drastic NetXCode/Convert, Signiant Flight and many other large-scale companies as certified Technology Partners

A global provider of software solutions, products, and information technology consulting.
A portal for creatives, dedicated to pitching ideas to qualified networks / studio executives and independent production companies for sale or funding.
ESR, the first English language 24/7 eSports channel in the US launched its channel on March 21st, 2019 with the largest TV station operator Sinclair Broadcast Group on its STIRR platform.