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NAB: Booth SL9024 April 9-12. Las Vegas Convention Center. Las Vegas, NV.

Go Live with eMAM and Katapy. May 22nd. 11 AM EST. Register

Making better use of your content with VoiceBase and eMAM. Wed, Jun 13, 2018 1100AM EST.Register

Broadcast Asia: Booth 4Q3-07. June 26-28. Suntec. Singapore.

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eMAM 5.0 - Our advanced, next generation system to revolutionize workflows

Search: Intelligent AI search options with Microsoft Video Indexer, HP/Microfocus IDOL, Voice Base, and more

Transcoding: New options with Adobe Media Encoder, Amazon Elemental Media Convert, Amazon Elastic transcoder, Drastic Net-X-Copy, and more.

Ingest: New upload app for iPhones and iPads

Interface: project containers, white labelling, and more.

Workflow: Programmable buttons for client side and server side actions, asset place holders, and more.

Archive and Storage: PFR for Spectra BlackPearl, Amazon Glacier, Backblaze, and more.

Architecture: Serverless Amazon Lamda, performance improvements, and more.

Editing: Marquis MEWS (Medway) and other options for Avid, more options to share sequences and markers, Adobe After Effects, Adobe InDesign, and more.

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