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SET. August 27-29. Sao Paulo

Hyderabad Roadshow. Beyond Archive with DAC. August 30.

IBC. Sept 13-17. Amsterdam. 7D.27

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Why Services?

Equipment is expensive to purchase, install, operate, maintain, and support. Equipment depreciates, so your investment loses value over time. It may occupy important space in your facility.

Why Empress?

Empress has a reputation based on outstanding customer service. Our technical teams have been providing solutions to some of the largest corporations. eMAM™, our digital asset management software system, can provide online access and management to your archived content, with many features for various workflows.

Why LTO?

LTO is the preferred archive storage format, both cost effective and stable. Hard drives may crash. Physical tape formats may become obsolete or the tapes may degrade over time. On LTO, you have the peace of mind that your content is secure.

LTO Backup Service

We migrate your media to LTO tape from almost any source. We can digitize from physical media; scan documents, and images; or transfer from digital media. We can store in the widely accessible LTFS format, so most systems can read it. We can provide a simple index or listed of the stored content. The tapes can be kept in your facility, our office, or a third party storage facility.

LTO Backup Service with online access

We can give you all the security of LTO storage with all accessibility of the cloud, using our eMAM interface to search and browse your media from any web browser. You can store content in the cloud any use Amazon Web Services for download or delivery anywhere. You can keep LTO tapes in our NY and LA facilities: send an online request when you need content delivered to you on hard drive or physical media.


Our technical team can provide solutions to meet your specific archive needs.

LTO Equipment

If appropriate, you can buy equipment in the future. eMAM Vault offers software only and turnkey archive solutions.

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